Cosmic Twin

Photo by Christy Zuccarini of  Baltimore by Hand

Photo by Christy Zuccarini of Baltimore by Hand

Cosmic Twin is a playfully offbeat minimal jewelry line created by Madeleine Pope in Portland, Oregon. Cosmic Twin jewelry is influenced by dance + movement, surrealism, natural asymmetry, and contemporary minimalism. Each item is handmade and therefore somewhat unique.


Madeleine was born a twin in Houston, Texas to entrepreneurial parents in the spa and natural skin care industries. Developing her aesthetics and love for handmade design was natural, given the environment she was raised in, where handcrafted products and a strong eye for natural beauty were all surrounding. With a love for art and fashion, Madeleine embraced three-dimensional work, studying dance for many years, becoming a hair color specialist, and curating vintage clothing for online and consignment shops. She didn't find her way into the world of metals until she moved to Seattle in 2013 and started studying Jewelry Metalsmithing at Pratt Fine Arts Center. Madeleine launched her jewelry line in mid 2014. Like dance her designs are always moving and shifting into new shape. Materials are important choice, as they often lead us into new designs that are sometimes unexpected. Madeleine considers her work to be minimally offbeat, as she considers herself to be different from others, carrying her own tune. 

Photo by Colt Cubillos

Photo by Colt Cubillos